About MO-NO

Mono Baby was inspired by the birth of my daughter in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The Spanish word for monkey is mono, and mono in English is “one”, and signifies coming into alignment. As a mother it is so important for me to first be at one and in alignment with myself so that I can thrive in the world around me and be the best mother to my baby.

My little girl, who I fondly refer to as "my little monkey" has been a true teacher to me on coming into my own alignment. At times this means being playful like the monkey and having fun and at other moments being still and resting, when I need to rest.

As mothers and parents it can be hugely challenging to care for ourselves and at the same time meet the constant needs of our babies. 
Becoming a mother I have had to find new ways of coming into balance.  Because being a mother is full time work, I recognize that much more, both the importance and the challenge of being able to continue doing the things that fed my spirit, prior to having a child.  The Shh..avasana baby-carrier and hammock in one is designed with this concept in mind. 

Instead of having to decide between staying home for the baby to nap, going to a friends barbeque or a hike in the woods, now you can do both.  This carrier allows you to do the things you love while having your baby´s needs met with ease and comfort.  Wether it is having your hands free to do the things you enjoy or putting the baby down for a nap when you´re away from home, the Shh..avasana will allow you the freedom to do both.

The Shh..avasana carrier offers babies the comfort that is a natural extension of the womb environment, hearing the sound of the mothers heart beat, skin to skin contact, the warmth of the mothers body and the sound of her voice.

What makes the Shh..avasana baby carrier unique from other carriers is that you never have to worry about how or where your baby is going to nap as it is also a portable adjustable hammock that mimics the womb environment with a gentle swaying motion that puts babies easily to sleep. Indoors it can can be hung from regular household items, such as chairs, door knobs, or if you are outdoors, trees or lawn chairs. With this you can be creative and string it up from just about anything as it is also adjustable in length.

Here is to wishing both you and your baby a joyous and expansive journey and may the Shh..avasanah be a support that enhances your experience while life and motherhood continue to reveal to you all their infinite beauty.